Marilou Hyson, Ph.D.

International Early Childhood Consultant for The World Bank, UNICEF, and Save the Children

I have worked with Ibu Yulie on Indonesian early childhood teacher professional development projects for more than five years.  I have been part of several project teams with her, we have collaborated on designing new training resources, and I have observed her skill in training trainers as well as in supporting teachers at all levels.  I greatly admire Ibu Yulie’s dedication to quality and her ability to engage adult learners through practical, creative activities.  It is exciting that she is now developing a new teacher training center.


Teacher of ISMILE School

This was really a great training. Having this kind of training will surely equip Pre-School teachers with knowledge and skills, thereby making them proficient in their field of teaching.

I am impressed with how the speakers introduce the topics in the training. They utilized interactive activities that obtained maximum participation of the participants. With their track record, background and wide experience, they were able to share principles and pedagogies in Early Childhood thus making the training a productive one.

After attending this training, my toolbox in teaching is full.  I’ve had a great time meeting my new colleagues. My vision for teaching kids has taken new shapes.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this training and look forward to attend more training like this.  I am definitely going to recommend this training to my colleagues.